Beyond the Dice is now up and running and willing to take your orders for our debut release, Symphonic Soundscapes.  We have samples of each of the tracks on this CD under the media section of the site.  So, please check out the musical samples - and if you like what you hear, mosey on over to the shop to get the music yourself.

Also, to kick things off, we had an interview with Byron and Liz of the Rho Pi Gamma discussing Beyond the Dice and how gnomes like big butts and can't lie.  You can hear the whole interview here.  Also, if you are interested in finding a way to win yourself a free copy of the CD, they are also running a contest, so please check out our friends over at Rho Pi Gamma!

As always, we are looking for suggestions, comments, and general feedback over at the contact section.

 - Sean

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